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Lab experiments mimic a star's energy bursts

A key process that enhances the production of nuclear energy in the interior of dense stars has been re-created in the laboratory for the first time by physicists at the National Institute of Standards and ...

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Laser applications heat up for carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes -- a hot nanotechnology with many potential uses -- may find one of its quickest applications in the next generation of standards for optical power measurements, which are essential for laser sys ...

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SMART-1's first images from the Moon

ESA's SMART-1 captured its first close-range images of the Moon this January, during a sequence of test lunar observations from an altitude between 1000 and 5000 kilometres above the lunar surface. SMART-1 ent ...

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India Plans for Lunar Mission in 2007

Indian Space Research Organisation's unmanned lunar mission will be launched in 2007 as scheduled, country's space program chairman said on Tuesday. If India's first lunar mission scheduled for 2007 is successful, it will ...

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