Archive: 09/25/2007

A new look at the proton

Dutch researcher Paul van der Nat investigated more than three million collisions between electrons and protons. In his PhD thesis he demonstrates -- for the first time -- that the spin contribution of quarks to the proton ...

Sep 25, 2007
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Baby booms and birth control in space

Stars in galaxies are a bit similar to people: during the first phase of their existence they grow rapidly, after which a stellar birth control occurs in most galaxies. Thanks to new observations from Dutch ...

Sep 25, 2007
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Scientists discover how cancer may take hold

A team, led by researchers at the Carnegie Institution, has found a key biochemical cycle that suppresses the immune response, thereby allowing cancer cells to multiply unabated. The research shows how the biomolecules responsible ...

Sep 25, 2007
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Printing in 3-D

It is a simple matter to print an E-book or other document directly from your computer, whether that document is on your hard drive, at a web site or in an email. But, imagine being able to 'print' solid objects, a piece ...

Sep 25, 2007
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