Archive: 06/25/2007

Report: Ideal breakfast has ham, cheese

A scientific study of British students' eating habits has found eating ham and cheese for breakfast can significantly improve cognitive functioning.

Jun 25, 2007
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New Technology Takes the Worry Out of E-mail

No need to fret about your firm's problems with e-mails and attachments thanks to Xapio, a new compliance company. Xapio is a University of Utah start-up founded by inventor and entrepreneur, Stefano Foresti.

Jun 25, 2007
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Model aids understanding of protein networks

An international team of researchers, including several from MIT, has developed a computational model that helps identify relationships between proteins and the enzymes that regulate them.

Jun 25, 2007
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Radioactive iron, a window to the stars

ESA’s orbiting gamma-ray observatory, Integral, has made a pioneering unequivocal discovery of radioactive iron-60 in our galaxy that provides powerful insight into the workings of massive stars that pervade ...

Jun 25, 2007
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