Archive: 25/05/2007

MIT-led team uncovers malaria mechanism

During the first 24 hours of invasion by the malaria-inducing parasite Plasmodium falciparum, red blood cells start to lose their ability to deform and squeeze through tiny blood vessels-one of the hallmarks of the deadly ...

dateMay 25, 2007 in Medical research
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Mapping the English language – from cockney to Orkney

If they were Scousers they’d be “made up”; from the Black Country they’d be “bostin”. But researchers from the University of Leeds are naturally “well chuffed” to receive a £460,000 grant to examine and catalogue ...

dateMay 25, 2007 in Other
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High pretreatment PSA velocity predicts worse outcome

The most significant single predictor of aggressive prostate cancer is an elevated rate of increase in prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels, according to a new study. Published in the July 1, 2007 issue of CANCER, a peer-reviewed ...

dateMay 25, 2007 in Cancer
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