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Mounting evidence shows red wine antioxidant kills cancer

Rochester researchers showed for the first time that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell's core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Cancer
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Partners can help or hinder attempts at changing diet

For people trying to make a change in their diet, significant others generally play a positive and supportive role, but sometimes respond in negative ways, according to a study in the March/April Journal of Nutrition Education an ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Health
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A link between antidepressants and type 2 diabetes

While analyzing data from Saskatchewan health databases, Lauren Brown, researcher with the U of A’s School of Public Health, found people with a history of depression had a 30 per cent increased risk of type 2 Diabetes.

dateMar 25, 2008 in Medications
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Avatar Mimics You in Real Time

It’s a little bit like looking in the mirror at your cartoon double, except that the “reflection” is an avatar on your computer screen. Wave your hand, nod your head, speak a sentence, and your avatar ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Computer Sciences feature
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Fear that freezes the blood in your veins

"The blood froze in my veins" or "My blood curdled" – these common figures of speech can be taken literally, according to the latest studies. Indeed, more literally than some of us would like. For it turns out that intense ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Medical research
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Satellites help map soil carbon flux

Changes in soil carbon occur with changes in land management. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee investigated quantifying soil carbon changes over large regions.

dateMar 25, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Artificial photosynthesis moves a step closer

Jülich scientists have made an important step on the long road to artificially mimicking photosynthesis. They were able to synthesise a stable inorganic metal oxide cluster, which enables the fast and effective oxidation ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in
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The conflict of reward in depression

In Love and Death, Woody Allen wrote: “To love is to suffer…To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer.” The paradoxical merging of happiness and suffering can be a feature of depression. Biological Ps ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Spit tests may soon replace many blood tests

One day soon patients may spit in a cup, instead of bracing for a needle prick, when being tested for cancer, heart disease or diabetes. A major step in that direction is the cataloguing of the “complete” salivary proteome, ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Medical research
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Antarctic ice shelf 'hangs by a thread'

British Antarctic Survey has captured dramatic satellite and video images of an Antarctic ice shelf that looks set to be the latest to break out from the Antarctic Peninsula. A large part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf on the Antarctic ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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