Archive: 03/25/2007

Targeting tumors the natural way

By mimicking Nature's way of distinguishing one type of cell from another, University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists now report they can more effectively seek out and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.

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Molecular Tools Make the Cut

Researchers in Japan have developed a pair of molecular-scale scissors that open and close in response to light. The tiny scissors are the first example of a molecular machine capable of mechanically manipulating ...

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The Year of OpenSolaris

At the end of 2006, ZDnet blogger Paul Murphy made what I thought at the time to be a poor prediction: That 2007 will see Sun's OpenSolaris eclipse Linux in the size and activity of its developer community, and all OS development ...

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Vonage Barred from Using Verizon Patents

The company has said that its customers will not be affected, and in public statements, attorneys for the company have said that they anticipate getting a stay on the injunction while they appeal.

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Tech Sector Healthiest in over 5 Years

A new report finds that with strong performances by vendors, demand for technology products and a positive employment market, the health of the U.S. technology industry is at its highest level in five-and-a-half years.

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