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Yellowstone microbes fueled by hydrogen

Microbes living in the brilliantly colored hot springs of Yellowstone National Park use primarily hydrogen for fuel, a discovery University of Colorado at Boulder researchers say bodes well for life in extreme environments ...

Jan 25, 2005
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Thinking of prepositions turns brain 'on' in different ways

Parts of the human brain think about the same word differently, at least when it comes to prepositions, according to new language research in stroke patients conducted by scientists at Purdue University and the University ...

Jan 25, 2005
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Scientist to Work With NASA's Lunar Orbiter

NASA has selected Mark S. Robinson, research associate professor of geological sciences in Northwestern University’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, as one of six scientists to provide instrumentation and associated ...

Jan 25, 2005
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Cymer partners with IMEC on immersion lithography

Cymer, Inc., the world's leading supplier of deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources used in semiconductor manufacturing, today announced the integration of a Cymer XLA 105 argon fluoride (ArF) light source on a 0.85 numerical ...

Jan 25, 2005
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Physics failure could mean success

It might sound like a bit of a surprise, but a handful of scientists participating in the $4-billion international experiment to discover the Higgs boson, the Holy Grail of particle physics, hope the effort fails. The Large Had ...

Jan 25, 2005
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How do cells travel through our bodies?

One of the most basic yet least understood processes in our bodies is how cells crawl along tissues. This behavior is essential to the formation of an embryo and other processes, but it must be tightly controlled. A disturbance ...

Jan 25, 2005
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Petrified Wood in Days

California has Silicon Valley. Could a Silicon Forest in Washington be next? A team of materials scientists from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is on it. Yongsoon Shin and colleagues at the Department of ...

Jan 25, 2005
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