Archive: 10/24/2005

Apple shaken by iPod Nano lawsuit

Demand for iPods seems insatiable, but Apple is beginning to feel the heat of its success these days, not least in the form of lawsuits from some disgruntled customers. Thousands of iPod users have ban ...

Oct 24, 2005 4.4 / 5 (5) 0

Channel-Hopping on Mobile Phones

A new technology for mobile communication networks allows cell phone users to watch TV as they would at home. The Mobile TV Streaming system from Siemens makes it possible to change channels instantly. Other ...

Oct 24, 2005 3 / 5 (6) 0

LG Introduces the World's Slimmest 3G Music Phone

LG Electronics has announced the launch of the world's slimmest 3G clamshell phone with powerful MP3 feature. Scheduled to be launched on middle of November, the new model LG-U880 is only 18.2mm thick and ...

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