Archive: 10/24/2005

Body language more expressive than faces

Body language can shape first impressions of a person's emotional state, even when attention is focused on facial expression, Netherlands scientists said.

Oct 24, 2005
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iPod users big on content creation

iPod owners are significantly more likely to create and spread consumer-generated media on the Internet, a survey reports.

Oct 24, 2005
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Brain images show menstrual cycle rhythms

Cornell University scientists say women with no menstrual mood changes may use parts of their brains differently over the course of their menstrual cycles.

Oct 24, 2005
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Outlook bright for hydrogen biofuel cell

British scientists say simple, cost-effective hydrogen biofuel cells could be developed from electrodes coated with a bacterial enzyme to oxidize hydrogen.

Oct 24, 2005
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Apple shaken by iPod Nano lawsuit

Demand for iPods seems insatiable, but Apple is beginning to feel the heat of its success these days, not least in the form of lawsuits from some disgruntled customers. Thousands of iPod users have ban ...

Oct 24, 2005
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Live, gold-dusted bacteria used in bioelectronic device

Ravi Saraf has gilded living creatures, but that's as far as his resemblance goes with Auric Goldfinger, the fictional villain in the 1964 James Bond movie. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemical engineer used bacteria, not ...

Oct 24, 2005
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SureWest plans HDTV over IP broadband

SureWest Communications nest month will begin offering high-definition television over its Internet Protocol fiber network.

Oct 24, 2005
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Mars has captured people's imagination for centuries

When people gaze at the sky in late October to catch a better glimpse of Mars, it will continue a long-time fascination with the planet dating back to ancient times, a University of Michigan professor and ...

Oct 24, 2005
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Channel-Hopping on Mobile Phones

A new technology for mobile communication networks allows cell phone users to watch TV as they would at home. The Mobile TV Streaming system from Siemens makes it possible to change channels instantly. Other ...

Oct 24, 2005
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LG Introduces the World's Slimmest 3G Music Phone

LG Electronics has announced the launch of the world's slimmest 3G clamshell phone with powerful MP3 feature. Scheduled to be launched on middle of November, the new model LG-U880 is only 18.2mm thick and ...

Oct 24, 2005
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