Archive: 09/24/2006

Dinosaurs' Climate Shifted Too

Ancient rocks from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean suggest dramatic climate changes during the dinosaur-dominated Mesozoic Era, a time once thought to have been monotonously hot and humid.

Sep 24, 2006
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Researcher Develops Sensor to Detect E.coli

As the Food and Drug Administration takes days to track down the source of the E. coli outbreak, Dr. Raj Mutharasan is optimizing a sensor that can enable growers to do the job themselves in a few minutes.

Sep 24, 2006
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Sorting facts and opinions for Homeland Security

What are newspapers around the world saying about the latest speech by President George W. Bush? More importantly, how much of what they are saying is factual and how much opinion? And down the line, are some of the opinions ...

Sep 24, 2006
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