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Make your own microfluidic device with new kit from U-M

A type of device called a "lab-on-a-chip" could bring a new generation of instant home tests for illnesses, food contaminants and toxic gases. But today these portable, efficient tools are often stuck in the lab themselves. ...

dateJul 24, 2008 in
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Nanoparticles Detect Telomerase Activity

Telomerase, an enzyme that prevents chromosomes from shortening when they divide, is widely suspected of playing a key role in making cancer cells immortal. Though researchers have developed a variety of methods for measuring ...

dateJul 24, 2008 in Bio & Medicine
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Genetic mutation identified for eye complaint

An international research collaboration including research teams from the Children's Hospital in Boston (USA), King's College London and the Peninsula Medical School, has identified a gene that, when mutated, causes Duane ...

dateJul 24, 2008 in Genetics
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Material may help autos turn heat into electricity

Researchers have invented a new material that will make cars even more efficient, by converting heat wasted through engine exhaust into electricity. In the current issue of the journal Science, they describe a material with t ...

dateJul 24, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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Study: No gender differences in math performance

We've all heard it. Many of us in fact believe it. Girls just aren't as good at math as boys. But is it true? After sifting through mountains of data - including SAT results and math scores from 7 million students who were ...

dateJul 24, 2008 in Mathematics
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Plant steroids offer new paradigm for how hormones work

Steroids bulk up plants just as they do human athletes, but the playbook of molecular signals that tell the genes to boost growth and development in plant cells is far more complicated than in human and animal cells. A new ...

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