Archive: 07/24/2006

New genome sequencing targets announced

The U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute has announced several new sequencing targets, including the northern white-cheeked gibbon.

Jul 24, 2006
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FDA issues bismacine-chromacine warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and healthcare providers not to use a product called bismacine, also known as chromacine.

Jul 24, 2006
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Study: Cancer Drug Gleevec has heart risk

U.S. scientists say the cancer-fighting drug Gleevec -- remarkably successful in treating leukemia -- can lead to heart failure in some patients.

Jul 24, 2006
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Ordering by Motion

The molecules within the living cell sustain a high degree of spatial order even though they are constantly in motion. This seems to defy basic physical principles which stress the strong interplay between ...

Jul 24, 2006
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Hepatitis C virus enzyme sites revealed

U.S. researchers say the crystal structure of one of the hepatitis C viral proteins might offer new opportunities for antiviral drug design.

Jul 24, 2006
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Displays of a Different Stripe

Displays drain more power than any other component of a handheld device, a problem that will only grow as mobile devices incorporate higher-definition graphics. One way to wring greater brightness from every watt is by providing ...

Jul 24, 2006
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The $100 laptop is coming

Some manufacturers Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen approached about producing and selling a laptop computer for $100 laughed at her. Despite this chiding and disbelief, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) chief technology ...

Jul 24, 2006
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Study pinpoints protein's role in cancer spread

Edinburgh scientists have identified the way a specific cell protein can trigger the spread of cancer. The study by researchers in the Cell Signalling Unit, University of Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre could pave the way ...

Jul 24, 2006
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