Archive: 01/24/2008

Chopped up proteins trigger autoimmunity

Multipotent adult progenitor stem cells extracted from bone marrow, and known as MAPCs, have proved to be effective in the regeneration of blood vessel tissue and also in muscle tissue when treating peripheric vascular disease.

Jan 24, 2008
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'Telepathic' genes recognize similarities in each other

Genes have the ability to recognise similarities in each other from a distance, without any proteins or other biological molecules aiding the process, according to new research published this week in the Journal of ...

Jan 24, 2008
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New method for solving differential equations

Dutch-sponsored mathematician Valeriu Savcenco has developed new methods for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. These so-called multirate methods are highly efficient for large systems, where some ...

Jan 24, 2008
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NIST building facility for hydrogen pipeline testing

Efforts to create a “hydrogen economy” to reduce U.S. oil imports will get a boost from a new laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology that will evaluate tests, materials, mechanical properties ...

Jan 24, 2008
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