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Man behind stem cell war may be peacemaker

The U.S. researcher who set off controversy by taking stem cells from human embryos may have quieted critics by creating a stem cell without using an embryo.

Nov 23, 2007
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Illuminating Study Reveals How Plants Respond to Light

Most of us take it for granted that plants respond to light by growing, flowering and straining towards the light, and we never wonder just how plants manage to do so. But the ordinary, everyday responses ...

Nov 23, 2007
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Transporting gold across physical boundaries

Achieving the desired effect is often only a question of the right place and the right moment - and this also applies to drugs. In order to be transported in the bloodstream, they need to be water-soluble. ...

Nov 23, 2007
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Mars Express - 5000 orbits and counting

On 25 December 2003, Europe’s first Mars explorer arrived at the Red Planet. Almost four years later, Mars Express continues to rewrite the text books as its instruments send back a stream of images and ...

Nov 23, 2007
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What happens when dad looks after the kids?

According to new research from the University of Bristol, some fathers do not provide their young sons with the same quality of intellectual stimulation as mothers do. Boys who spend at least 15 hours a week in their father’s ...

Nov 23, 2007
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Prenatal arsenic exposure detected in newborns

MIT researchers have found that the children of mothers whose water supplies were contaminated with arsenic during their pregnancies harbored gene expression changes that may lead to cancer and other diseases later in life. ...

Nov 23, 2007
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