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Plant antioxidant may protect against radiation exposure

Resveratrol, the natural antioxidant commonly found in red wine and many plants, may offer protection against radiation exposure, according to a study by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. When altered with ...

dateSep 23, 2008 in Other
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A robot in every home? (Robot Special part 3)

( -- Observers like Bill Gates believe that by 2025 we could have robots in every home. In labs across Europe, researchers are creating designs that could become the robo-butler of the future.

dateSep 23, 2008 in Robotics
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Worlds in collision

Two terrestrial planets orbiting a mature sun-like star some 300 light-years from Earth recently suffered a violent collision, astronomers at UCLA, Tennessee State University and the California Institute of ...

dateSep 23, 2008 in Astronomy
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