Archive: 07/23/2008

Meet Robo habilis

( -- A European research project has brought the dream of human-like robots closer to reality by creating a human-like arm and hand controlled by an electronic ‘brain’ modelled on the human ...

Jul 23, 2008
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Dinosaurrific! New Dinosaur Supertree

( -- It has long been debated whether dinosaurs were part of the ‘Terrestrial Revolution’ that occurred some 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous when birds, mammals, flowering plants, ...

Jul 23, 2008
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Exercise could be the heart's fountain of youth

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but endurance exercise seems to make it younger. According to a study conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, older people who did endurance exercise training ...

Jul 23, 2008
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Making patients move requires the right exercise advice

It is common knowledge that regular exercise supports physical and mental well-being. Despite this and recommendations from health care providers, the majority of patients with chronic illnesses remain inactive. In a new ...

Jul 23, 2008
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Hybrid 'Muttsucker' Has Genes of Three Species

In the murky waters of an inconspicuous stream in a remote area of Wyoming, researchers detail the potential impact that an introduced fish, the white sucker, could have on the evolutionary biology of fishes.

Jul 23, 2008
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Nanoparticle Research Points to Energy Savings

( -- Adding just the right dash of nanoparticles to standard mixes of lubricants and refrigerants could yield the equivalent of an energy-saving chill pill for factories, hospitals, ships, and ...

Jul 23, 2008
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How Secure Is Your Network? NIST Model Knows

( -- Data breaches are a recurring nightmare for IT managers responsible for securing not only their company’s confidential data, but possibly also sensitive information belonging to their clients, ...

Jul 23, 2008
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First Solar: Quest for the $1 Watt

Photovoltaic cells, once so costly they could be used only to power million-dollar satellites, are today turning up even on humble parking meters. Now a brash Tempe, Ariz., company called First Solar plans to take the technology ...

Jul 23, 2008
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