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New ORNL process brings nanoparticles into focus

Scientists can study the biological impacts of engineered nanomaterials on cells within the body with greater resolution than ever because of a procedure developed by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National ...

dateJun 23, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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DNA test to revolutionise sheep worm control

CSIRO scientists have moved a step closer to developing a novel DNA test which has the potential to revolutionise management of one of the biggest threats to sheep health in Australia, the barber’s pole worm.

dateJun 23, 2008 in Other
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iTunes Store Tops Over Five Billion Songs Sold

Apple announced that music fans have purchased and downloaded over five billion songs from the iTunes Store. iTunes is the number one music retailer in the US and features the largest music catalog with over eight million ...

dateJun 23, 2008 in Internet
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Primate's scent speaks volumes about who he is

Perhaps judging a man by his cologne isn't as superficial as it seems.Duke University researchers, using sophisticated machinery to analyze hundreds of chemical components in a ringtailed lemur's distinctive scent, have found ...

dateJun 23, 2008 in
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Life on the edge: To disperse, or become extinct?

Plants existing at the edges of their natural habitats may enhance survival of the species during global warming, says Queen's prof The hardiest plants and those most likely to survive the climatic shifts brought about by ...

dateJun 23, 2008 in
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