Archive: 23/05/2007

Tiny genes may increase cancer susceptibility

New evidence indicates that small pieces of noncoding genetic material known as microRNAs (miRNAs) might influence cancer susceptibility. Differences in certain miRNAs may predispose some individuals to develop cancer, say ...

dateMay 23, 2007 in Cancer
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How young adults cope with employment uncertainty

Young adults don’t necessarily have ‘identity crises’ when it comes to flexible labour markets and job insecurity, concludes a new study published by Bristol University. The study, Constructing coherence: young adults’ ...

dateMay 23, 2007 in Other
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Japanese scientists explore pluripotency

Japanese scientists have discovered how pluripotency -- the ability of stem cells to differentiate into other cell types -- is regulated.

dateMay 23, 2007 in
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