Archive: 03/23/2005

NASA Study Finds Soot May be Changing the Arctic Environment

NASA continues to explore the impact of black carbon or soot on the Earth's climate. NASA uses satellite data and computer models that recreate the climate. New findings show soot may be contributing to changes happening ...

Mar 23, 2005
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Can You Read My Mind?

The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded Carnegie Mellon University a $750,000 grant to support research into how the human brain deciphers language, which could one day yield advances in the treatment of neurological disorders ...

Mar 23, 2005
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New noble gas chemical compounds created

Chemical compounds consisting of noble gases combined with hydrocarbon molecules – a feat previously thought to be unattainable – have been created as the result of the work of researchers at the Hebrew University of ...

Mar 23, 2005
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Climate change poorly understood by US public, survey finds

Climate change and the threat of global warming are poorly understood by the U.S. public, and taking action to reduce their impact is not a high priority, according to a recent MIT survey. These results suggest that change in ...

Mar 23, 2005
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Scientists develop new laser

Engineers and applied physicists have laid the foundations for a new type of "plug and play" laser -- the Raman injection laser -- and in the process, several key innovations in laser technology. The device combines the advantages ...

Mar 23, 2005
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TI LED Drivers Enhance Resolution in Large Color Display Panels

Supporting complex power requirements needed for light emitting diodes (LEDs) in large display electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated announced today two 16-channel, constant-current sink LED drivers for large form-factor ...

Mar 23, 2005
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Physicist Developed Sonic Golf Training Tool

Robert D. Grober, Yale professor of Applied Physics and Physics, has combined his passion for golf and his professional expertise to produce a unique and effective real–time audio biofeedback device for teaching and training ...

Mar 23, 2005
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