Archive: 02/23/2007

Probing Question: Are today's nuclear power plants safe?

Burning fossil fuels to make electricity releases many tons of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Today, as the United States and other nations search for "greener" ways of generating ...

Feb 23, 2007
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Surround sound on the move

Surround sound gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of the action. Until now, it took massive data packets to achieve the ultimate sound experience. But at CeBIT, which will take place from March 15 to 21, Fraunhofer ...

Feb 23, 2007
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Samsung Speeds Up World's Fastest Graphics Memory

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has increased the data transfer speed of the world’s fastest graphics memory -- GDDR4 (series four of graphics double-data-rate memory) -- by two-thirds. Graphics memory processes ...

Feb 23, 2007
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Some men want girls' vaccine, too

Some British gay men want to be vaccinated with the drug approved to protect girls from cervical cancer, saying it could help them, too.

Feb 23, 2007
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Opportunity Continues To Characterize Crater

Opportunity is healthy and is currently driving on the promontory "Cabo Corrientes" where its cameras imaged the north face of "Bahia Blanca" cliff walls. The rover is currently driving to another spot in order to image "Cape ...

Feb 23, 2007
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Canadian border cattle problem explored

The problem with hundreds of cattle imported from Canada with incomplete documentation involves record-keeping issues, U.S. agriculture officials said.

Feb 23, 2007
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No Safe Place

Imagine hiking across Antarctica, through ice, cold and bitter wind, enduring months of hardship, and finally arriving at the doorstep of the South Pole itself. At that moment you get hit by a Sahara sandstorm.

Feb 23, 2007
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