Archive: 02/23/2006

India eyes hi-tech manufacturing

India is now finally poised to realize its dreams of moving beyond software into the very heart of hi-tech manufacturing: the microchips.

Feb 23, 2006
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Man-made prostate created by women

In a giant step towards understanding prostate disease, Melbourne scientists have grown a human prostate from embryonic stem cells. A study published in the March edition of Nature Methods describes how human embryonic stem c ...

Feb 23, 2006
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Scattering of hydrogen makes calculation easier

The chemical reaction of hydrogen molecules (H2) with a platinum surface can be calculated much more straightforwardly than many researchers to date had thought. This is encouraging for research into hydro ...

Feb 23, 2006
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Snakes poisoned at birth

Scientists in Germany have found that a significant route of transmission of Salmonella in non egg-laying snakes is from the mother to the offspring during pregnancy and birth.

Feb 23, 2006
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Man-made star shines in the southern sky

On 28 January 2006, at 23:07 local time, a laser beam of several watts was launched from Yepun, the fourth 8.2m Unit Telescope of the Very Large Telescope, producing an artificial star, 90 km up in the atmosphere. ...

Feb 23, 2006
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Microbes convert 'Styrofoam' into biodegradable plastic

Bacteria could help transform a key component of disposable cups, plates and utensils into a useful eco-friendly plastic, significantly reducing the environmental impact of this ubiquitous, but difficult-to-recycle waste ...

Feb 23, 2006
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Intelligently designed molecular evolution

Evolutionary paths to new therapeutic drugs, as well as a wide assortment of other enzyme products, have been created through, of all things, intelligent design. A team of researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley ...

Feb 23, 2006
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Consultation of virtual rabbis on the rise

More and more ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews are consulting "virtual rabbis" via the Internet, a study sponsored by an Internet and Judaism conference found.

Feb 23, 2006
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Scientist finds nerve cells can reconnect

An Australian scientist has found that nerve cells in elderly people can form new connections, offering hope to victims of strokes and spinal cord injuries.

Feb 23, 2006
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Bills support broadband over TV spectrum

Two bills recently introduced in Congress aim to provide consumers with greater access to wireless broadband via unused broadcast television spectrum called "white spaces" or "empty channels."

Feb 23, 2006
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