Archive: 11/22/2006

Researchers gaze at cloud formations

Finnish researchers analyzing cloud formations say ozone destruction in the Earth's stratosphere might be occurring at a faster pace than thought.

Nov 22, 2006
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Lasers Shine Light on Chemical Reactions

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have been using a high-resolution laser technique to learn how molecules absorb light and fall apart during photodissociation reactions — chemical ...

Nov 22, 2006
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Daily grind: Fossil molars add to Neanderthal debate

Palaeontologists have fired a new round in a verbal battle over the Neanderthals, the hominids who were our closest evolutionary cousins before they met a strange and possibly tragic end.

Nov 22, 2006
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Vesper Could Explore Earth's Fiery Twin

Earth has a twin sister, and she's gone bad. The planet Venus is almost the same size as Earth, so it has been called Earth's twin. It's only about 30 percent closer to the sun than Earth, and at the dawn of ...

Nov 22, 2006
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We're more different than we thought, says gene study

New research shows that at least 10 percent of genes in the human population can vary in the number of copies of DNA sequences they contain--a finding that alters current thinking that the DNA of any two humans ...

Nov 22, 2006
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Parkinson's mutation stunts neurons

Mutations in a key brain protein known to underlie a form of Parkinson's disease wreaks its damage by stunting the normal growth and branching of neurons, researchers have found. They have pinpointed the malfunction of the ...

Nov 22, 2006
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