Archive: 09/22/2005

EarthLink boosts e-mail phish defenses

EarthLink is strengthening its protections against phishing in its customers' e-mail service. The U.S. ISP said Thursday its ScamBlocker feature helps ferret out the infiltrator programs as they ride into e-mail boxes aboard ...

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MRI pioneer wins national physics prize

With its ability to obtain detailed pictures from the depths of the living body, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has saved many lives and dramatically increased knowledge of the human body, particularly the brain. There ...

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World's smallest universal material testing system

The design, development and manufacturing of revolutionary products such as the automobile, airplane and computer owe a great deal of their success to the large-scale material testing systems (MTS) that have provided engineers ...

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Lights! Camera! Action! Science!

Dr. Pan Conrad is on a quest. Her search for signs of life in extreme environments has taken the JPL astrobiologist from the icy realms of the Arctic and the dry valleys of Antarctica to the scorching sands of Death Valley, ...

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Project would recreate Roman monument

When the autumnal equinox peaks at 3:23 p.m. (PDT) on Thursday, Sept. 22, a University of Oregon team working to reconstruct one of the world's most famous solar clocks will savor - and record - the moment by making another ...

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Mobile TV trial goes live in UK

In a UK first, EastEnders, Coronation Street, CSI and Lost are just some of the TV programmes up to 400 O2 customers, living and working in Oxford, will be able to watch live on an advanced mobile phone from next week.

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Mars Express mission extended

ESA’s Mars Express mission has been extended by one Martian year, or about 23 months, from the beginning of December 2005. The decision, taken on 19 September by ESA’s Science Programme Committee, allows ...

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Ferreting Out The First Stars

What did the very first stars look like? How did they live and die? Astronomers have ideas, but no proof. The first stars are so distant and formed so long ago that they are invisible to our best telescopes. Until the ...

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Advent of Cold Plasma

Researchers have developed a new hand-held device that can produce room-temperature plasmas for diverse applications, most important for biomedical applications.

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Japan Internet execs shy away from politics

Internet entrepreneurs are downright sexy in the United States, as glossy magazines such as Vanity Fair will testify. Yet while the founders of Google and eBay's chief executives are lauded by the glitterati as much as by ...

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