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Elephant legs are much bendier than Shakespeare thought

Throughout history, elephants have been thought of as 'different'. Shakespeare, and even Aristotle, described them as walking on inflexible column-like legs. And this myth persists even today. Which made John Hutchinson from ...

Aug 22, 2008
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Positive thinking may protect against breast cancer

Feelings of happiness and optimism play a positive role against breast cancer. Research published today in the open access journal BMC Cancer suggests that while staying positive has a protective role, adverse life events ...

Aug 22, 2008
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FBI unveils science of anthrax investigation

They have worked for almost seven years in secret. Most people did not know that the work in Ray Goehner's materials characterization department at Sandia National Laboratories was contributing important information ...

Aug 22, 2008
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Sign language over a mobile phone

A group at the University of Washington has developed software that for the first time enables deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans to use sign language over a mobile phone. UW engineers got the phones working together this ...

Aug 22, 2008
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