Archive: 08/22/2008

Life under the laser

Researchers at The University of Nottingham have developed a unique technology that will allow scientists to look at microscopic activity within the body's chemical messenger system for the very first time, live as it happens.

Aug 22, 2008
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More Can Be Done to Combat Childhood Obesity

School officials and parents concerned about childhood obesity should look to national guidelines that recommend 60 minutes of exercise per day, according to public health officials. A new report issued this week showed that ...

Aug 22, 2008
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Engineering new uses for gold

The glitter of gold may hold more than just beauty, or so says a team of MIT researchers that is working on ways to use tiny gold rods to fight cancer, deliver drugs and more.

Aug 22, 2008
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Spitzer Reveals Stellar "Family Tree"

A new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope tells a tale of life and death, and reveals a rich family history. The striking infrared picture shows a colorful cosmic cloud, called W5, studded with multiple ...

Aug 22, 2008
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Pay attention! Small packages may lead to overeating

Tempting treats are being offered in small package sizes these days, presumably to help consumers reduce portion sizes. Yet new research in the Journal of Consumer Research found that people actually consume more high-calorie snacks ...

Aug 22, 2008
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Research finds America's elderly suffering abuse

A new study concludes that nearly 13 percent of America's aged citizens suffer some form of abuse. Specifically, nine percent of adults reported they have suffered from verbal mistreatment, 3.5 percent suffer financial mistreatment, ...

Aug 22, 2008
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