Archive: 06/22/2007

Microbiologist hits pay dirt

The current edition of science journal Nature describes how Macquarie University microbiologist Dr Belinda Ferrari has been the first scientist worldwide to culture a particular family of bacteria in the lab, by growing it in ...

Jun 22, 2007
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Mars Rover Laser Tool Ready for Testing

Mars mission Job One: Get there. Job Two: Find rocks and zap them with your laser tool. Now learn the nature of the debris by spectrographically analyzing the ensuing dust and fragments. It’s every kid’s ...

Jun 22, 2007
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Stem cells to repair damaged heart muscle

In the first trial of its kind in the world, 60 patients who have recently suffered a major heart attack will be injected with selected stem cells from their own bone marrow during routine coronary bypass surgery.

Jun 22, 2007
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Targeting key proteins of carcinogenesis

Misfolded and disused proteins are eliminated by a cellular shredder called the proteasome. The cell labels the proteins it wants to dispose with Ubiquitin (Ub) in order to avoid the unwanted degradation of still needed proteins. ...

Jun 22, 2007
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New Delhi eyes frogs to stop mosquitos

New Delhi officials are considering the import of thousands of mosquito-eating frogs to prevent an outbreak of dengue fever.

Jun 22, 2007
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