Archive: 22/06/2006

Soft Materials Buckle Up for Measurement

Buckling under pressure can be a good thing, say materials scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Writing in the June 13 issue of Macromolecules, they report a new method to evaluate the mechanical ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Condensed Matter
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Broadband Report: TiVo on PlayStation?

TiVo and Sony Computer Entertainment are teaming up to let subscribers watch TV shows on their PlayStation Portables. Users can transfer content from a TiVo digital video recorder to a PSP system, which is available to all ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Business
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Supercomputers may be key to stay ahead

The technology used in aerospace engineering and weather forecasting is being used these days to produce better laundry-detergent bottles and animated movies too, thanks to high-performance computing.

dateJun 22, 2006 in Hardware
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