Archive: 04/22/2008

Findings a step toward making new optical materials

Chemical engineers have developed a "self-assembling" method that could lead to an inexpensive way of making diamondlike crystals to improve optical communications and other technologies.

Apr 22, 2008
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The new boss ... same as the old boss?

Facing ever-declining performance in their schools, and frustrated by reports of corruption and petty politics in the school boards, mayors and legislative bodies in the United States' largest cities have in recent years ...

Apr 22, 2008
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Low Grades, Bad Behavior? Siblings May Be To Blame

We all know the story of a man named Brady and the group that somehow formed a family. But if the iconic ‘70s sitcom about a “blended” family reflected reality, the Brady Bunch likely would have been dealing with much ...

Apr 22, 2008
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'Fluidhand': Each finger can be moved separately

It can hold a credit card, use a keyboard with the index finger, and lift a bag weighing up to 20 kg – the world’s first commercially available pros-thetic hand that can move each finger separately and ...

Apr 22, 2008
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Futuristic robots, friend or foe?

A leading robotics expert will outline some of the ethical pitfalls of near-future robots to a Parliamentary group today at the House of Commons. Professor Noel Sharkey from the University of Sheffield will explain that robots ...

Apr 22, 2008
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Herbicide-tolerant crops can improve water quality

The residual herbicides commonly used in the production of corn and soybean are frequently detected in rivers, streams, and reservoirs at concentrations that exceed drinking water standards in areas where these crops are ...

Apr 22, 2008
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