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Pa. school official defended in webcam spy case

(AP) -- A suburban Philadelphia school district accused of secretly switching on laptop computer webcams inside students' homes says it never used webcam images to monitor or discipline students and believes ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Other
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Babies and sleep: Another reason to love naps

Anyone who grew up in a large family likely remembers hearing "Don't wake the baby." While it reinforces the message to older kids to keep it down, research shows that sleep also is an important part of how infants learn ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Health
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Marine reserves hit the spotlight in PNAS special issue

Marine reserves are known to be effective conservation tools when they are placed and designed properly. This week, a special issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) is dedicated to the latest ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Ecology
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Word learning in deaf children with cochlear implants

Learning words may be facilitated by early exposure to auditory input, according to research presented by the Indiana University School of Medicine at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting ...

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Better snowfall forecasting

University of Utah scientists developed an easier way for meteorologists to predict snowfall amounts and density - fluffy powder or wet cement. The method has been adopted by the National Weather Service for ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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Retin-A researcher Kligman dies in Pa. at 93

(AP) -- Dermatologist Albert M. Kligman, whose research led to discoveries including the acne and wrinkle drug Retin-A but whose pioneering work was overshadowed by his experiments involving prisoners, has died. He was 93.

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Other
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