Archive: 02/22/2010

DNA evidence tells 'global story' of human history

In recent years, DNA evidence has added important new tools for scientists studying the human past. Now, a collection of reviews published by Cell Press in a special issue of Current Biology published online on February 22nd o ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Evolution
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Killing in the name of conservation

Thanks to the introduction of various non-native species to Australia throughout history, the country is overrun with feral animals. A new application developed by ecologists at the University of Adelaide to be published ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Ecology
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Few professionals keep current

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Boras in Sweden have looked at how professionals in different occupational groups seek and use information and keep updated after finishing their education. ...

dateFeb 22, 2010 in Other
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