Archive: 02/22/2007

Opening and closing the genome

At any given time, most of the roughly 30,000 genes that constitute the human genome are inactive, or repressed, closed to the cellular machinery that transcribes genes into the proteins of the body. In an average cell, only ...

Feb 22, 2007
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What is wrong with intelligent design?

In a thought-provoking paper from the March issue of The Quarterly Review of Biology, Elliott Sober (University of Wisconsin) clearly discusses the problems with two standard criticisms of intelligent design: that it is ...

Feb 22, 2007
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Poll: Bush not trusted on healthcare

A new poll suggests that U.S. citizens do not trust U.S. President George Bush to reform the nation's healthcare system while 50 percent trust the Democrats.

Feb 22, 2007
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New use for waste cooking oil is found

U.S. scientists say waste cooking oil from restaurant deep fryers -- known as "yellow grease" -- could be transformed into therapeutic cosmetics.

Feb 22, 2007
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Expert: Wikipedia won't go away, so learn how to use it

The popularity of Wikipedia makes it important that users learn to use the online collaborative encyclopedia as a starting point for their research rather than as the final word, says a Purdue University communications ...

Feb 22, 2007
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