Archive: 12/21/2007

Resolutions should include your computing life, too

Changing computer habits rarely makes the list of top New Year's Resolutions, but there are three digital resolutions you should make to have a happier 2008, says Gerry McCartney, vice president for information technology ...

Dec 21, 2007
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Cancer stem cells: know thine enemy

Stem cells -- popularly known as a source of biological rejuvenation -- may play harmful roles in the body, specifically in the growth and spread of cancer. Amongst the wildly dividing cells of a tumor, scientists have located ...

Dec 21, 2007
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LIGO Sheds Light on Cosmic Event

An analysis by the international LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) Scientific Collaboration has excluded one previously leading explanation for the origin of an intense gamma-ray burst that occurred ...

Dec 21, 2007
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Many common medical beliefs are untrue

Should we drink at least eight glasses of water a day? Does shaving hair cause it to grow back faster or coarser? Does reading in dim light ruin your eyesight?

Dec 21, 2007
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