Archive: 21/11/2008

Dawn Glides Into New Year

( -- NASA's Dawn spacecraft shut down its ion propulsion system today as scheduled. The spacecraft is now gliding toward a Mars flyby in February of next year.

dateNov 21, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Opening the door to Europe's archives

( -- Historical archives can be difficult to search, especially when relevant documents are held by institutions in different countries. A European project has shown how a single online portal with a simple graphical ...

dateNov 21, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Rice: From genes to farmers' fields

"Waterproof" versions of popular varieties of rice, which can withstand 2 weeks of complete submergence, have passed tests in farmers' fields with flying colors. Several of these varieties are now close to official release ...

dateNov 21, 2008 in
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