Archive: 21/11/2007

Female candidates get fewer votes: Study

Female candidates get fewer votes, according to ANU research released today that analysed the performance of nearly 17,000 candidates who ran for the House of Representatives between 1903 and 2004.

dateNov 21, 2007 in Other
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Physicists use plastics to detect radiation

In applications ranging from hospital X-ray machines to instruments for astronomy, the standard way to measure the dose of radiation is to use a detector made from an inorganic semiconductor, such as silicon. It is not easy, ...

dateNov 21, 2007 in Condensed Matter
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Why you remember names and ski slopes

When you meet your boss's husband, Harvey, at the office holiday party, then bump into him an hour later over the onion dip, will you remember his name? Yes, thanks to a nifty protein in your brain called kalirin-7.

dateNov 21, 2007 in Medical research
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Mapping the selective brain

Researchers have added a new piece to the puzzle of how the brain selectively amplifies those distinctions that matter most from the continuous cascade of sights, sounds, and other sensory input. Whether recognizing a glowering ...

dateNov 21, 2007 in Medical research
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