Archive: 10/21/2005

Mammoth moms heavily invested in offspring

Details about the life of a young woolly mammoth that died thousands of years ago are emerging from a study of the animal's fossil tusk. One intriguing finding: the calf nursed from its mother six or more years, apparently ...

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Wireless World: Libraries embrace wireless

A library patron ambles out the door, book in hand, without stopping by the librarian. Is this theft? No, it's the new checkout procedure, made possible by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, experts tell United ...

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Push for telecom deregulation moves ahead

Telecom deregulation is vital to U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace, Republican lawmakers and deregulation advocates said this week, but opponents fear monopolization and a breakdown of local rights.

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World's First 10.1" Flexible Electronic Paper Display

LG.Philips LCD and E Ink have built a 10.1" flexible electronic paper display. Less than 300 microns thick, the paper-white display is as thin and flexible as construction paper. With a 10.1" diagonal, the prototype achieves ...

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Kodak Announces 39-megapixel CCD Image Sensor

Eastman Kodak Company has set the quality standard for digital imaging with new high-resolution image sensors that allow commercial, studio, and other professional photographers to capture digital images with the most life-like ...

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New nanotoxicity framework

For the first time, investigators have a framework for assessing what health risks novel manmade nanomaterials might pose humans, experts told UPI's Nano World. A new report from government, industry and non-profit researchers map ...

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