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Neutrons Born In Lightning

To produce thermonuclear reaction it is necessary, firstly, to have nuclei with a large quantity of neutrons available, for example, deuterium nuclei, and secondly, these nuclei should possess sufficiently high velocity and ...

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Challenging the World's Largest Computing Grid

Enough data to fill 17,000 CDs were transferred from Edinburgh University to the CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in nine days, as part of the latest networking challenge by particle physicists. Delegates to the ...

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A Cosmic Baby-Boom

The Universe was a more fertile place soon after it was formed than has previously been suspected. A team of French and Italian astronomers made indeed the surprising discovery of a large and unknown population ...

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A new face for physics

Graduate student helps to shed stereotype Physicists have a problem. They are stuck with a stereotype. In this, the World Year of Physics 2005, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the creation of three seminal pape ...

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Scientists develop life-saving chrome

British scientists have developed a safer and more versatile alternative to chrome electroplating, the coating found on vintage car bumpers, steel camshafts, and fixtures such as door furniture and light fittings.

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Scientists describe 'human world'

The internationally syndicated Earth & Sky Radio Series today announced the launch of a special report on its web site on what it calls "the Human World." In the report, 50 leading scientists describe the Human World from ...

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