Archive: 02/21/2008

Modified electron microscope identifies atoms

A new electron microscope recently installed in Cornell's Duffield Hall is enabling scientists for the first time to form images that uniquely identify individual atoms in a crystal and see how those atoms bond to one another. ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in General Physics
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An-arrgh-chy! What Blackbeard can teach us about politics

Pirates, like gangsters, highwayman, and other colorful outlaws, have always carried a certain romantic appeal with them upon the high seas. Thanks to a certain movie trilogy, they are the most appealing of the outlaws at ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in Other
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Study finds cloudy outlook for solar panels

Despite increasing popular support for solar photovoltaic panels in the United States, their costs far outweigh the benefits, according to a new analysis by Severin Borenstein, a professor at the University of California, ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in Energy & Green Tech
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Analogue logic for quantum computing

Digital logic, or bits, is the only paradigm for the IT world, and up to now researchers used it almost exclusively to study quantum information processing. But European scientists, in a series of firsts, have proved that ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in General Physics
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