Archive: 09/20/2010

Technology in the extreme

Radio transmitters that can withstand temperatures of up to 900 C could soon be dropped into the depths of the earth to provide early warning of a volcanic eruption.

dateSep 20, 2010 in Engineering
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Childhood viral infection may be a cause of obesity

The emerging idea that obesity may have an infectious origin gets new support in a cross-sectional study by University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers who found that children exposed to a particular ...

dateSep 20, 2010 in Health
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BP's broken well in Gulf of Mexico is 'dead'

US officials have finally declared BP's broken well in the Gulf of Mexico "dead", five months after a deadly oil rig explosion set off one of the costliest and largest environmental disasters ever.

dateSep 20, 2010 in Environment
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'Hacktivity 2010' tackles computer security

A major anti-hacking conference wrapped up in Hungary Sunday after higlighting protection against increasingly sophisticated computer piracy as the Internet becomes ever more present in daily life.

dateSep 20, 2010 in Internet
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