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New net timer could save sea turtles from drowning

(AP) -- Fishery managers trying to protect rare sea turtles from dying in fishing nets have tapped a Cape Cod company to build a device they think can help balance turtle protection with profitable fishing.

dateJun 20, 2009 in Ecology
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Redbox's machines take on Netflix's red envelopes

(AP) -- With more subscribers than ever flocking to its DVD-by-mail service, Netflix Inc. is one of the few companies to prosper during the worst U.S. recession in 70 years. Yet Netflix CEO Reed Hastings still has something ...

dateJun 20, 2009 in Business
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Nortel to sell itself off in pieces

(AP) -- Nortel Networks, once a technology giant, has decided to sell itself off in pieces rather than attempt to emerge from bankruptcy as a restructured company.

dateJun 20, 2009 in Business
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Uganda forests rapidly disappearing: study

Uganda has lost nearly a third of its forest cover since 1990 due to expanding farmlands, a rapidly growing human population and increased urbanisation, a government report said on Friday.

dateJun 20, 2009 in Environment
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Apple CEO gets liver transplant: report

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, on medical leave since January for treatment of an undisclosed condition, received a liver transplant about two months ago in Tennessee, The Wall Street Journal reported ...

dateJun 20, 2009 in Business
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Emerging $80B deal would help fund Medicare drugs

(AP) -- Medicare beneficiaries would receive better drug coverage and a portion of President Barack Obama's health care legislation would be paid for under an emerging agreement involving the pharmaceutical ...

dateJun 20, 2009 in Health
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