Archive: 05/20/2009

Germany to Google: Erase raw street-level images

(AP) -- A data protection official for Germany said Wednesday that Google had yet to meet a key request that photos gathered for its panoramic mapping service be erased after they are sent to the United States ...

dateMay 20, 2009 in Internet
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1 in 4 Americans is texting while driving: poll

In the United States, where driving while using telephones without hands-free adaptor kits and texting at the wheel are not widely illegal, one in four people confesses to texting and driving, a survey found Wednesday.

dateMay 20, 2009 in Other
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AstraZeneca e-mails show debate on Seroquel risks

(AP) -- Marketing executives at British drugmaker AstraZeneca PLC for years blocked efforts by company scientists to raise concerns antipsychotic drug Seroquel caused weight gain and other problems, saying that would harm ...

dateMay 20, 2009 in Medications
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