Archive: 04/20/2011

Poker domain names unfrozen to allow refunds

US authorities said Wednesday they were unfreezing the domain names of two online poker companies targeted in a crackdown on Internet gambling so US players could withdraw their money.

Apr 20, 2011
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STEREO turns its steady gaze on variable stars

( -- Researchers have discovered 122 new eclipsing binary stars and observed hundreds more variable stars in an innovative survey using NASA's two STEREO solar satellites. The survey has been carried ...

Apr 20, 2011
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Apple gets two new iPhone-related patents

( -- Apple is spending time with the patent office again, and this time it is for a double header. Apple has been rewarded not one, but two different patents, and they are both related to the iPhone.

Apr 20, 2011 weblog
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Directors slam $30 early release home video offer

(AP) -- Big-name Hollywood action flick directors including James Cameron and Michael Bay have come out guns-ablazing against a plan by studios to make new release movies available to rent in homes just two months after ...

Apr 20, 2011
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