Archive: 09/2/2008

How often do hip and knee replacements need revision?

A comprehensive study using nationwide data on hip and knee replacements in England has found that one in seventy-five patients require a revision of their joint replacement after three years. Although this compares favourably ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Directing a driver's gaze results in smoother steering

A study recently published in ARVO's online Journal of Vision may inform the next generation of in-car driving assistance systems. New research finds that when drivers fix their gaze on specific targets placed ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Galaxy Zoo -- an Internet superstar

Since Galaxy Zoo's launch in July 2007, some 150,000 members of the public, inspired by the opportunity to be the first to see and classify a galaxy, have helped professional astronomers via this on-line mass-participation ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Best use of drug-eluting stents

Compared with bare metal stents, drug-eluting stents substantially reduce the risk of angiographic and clinical recurrence but do not affect mortality or the short term or long term risk of myocardial infarction. The use ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Positive exercise testing in athletes: What does that mean?

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) during sports activity is an uncommon, but catastrophic event. Different efforts to reduce the risk of SCD related to sports have been undertaken. What is the role of the exercise test in this context? ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Single Crystals as Reaction Vessels

Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo have made a complex that crystallizes as a porous solid. Common reagents, even bulky ones, can easily diffuse into these pores and are sufficiently mobile to react with embedded ...

Sep 02, 2008
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