Archive: 09/2/2008

Black-footed ferrets sired by males that died 8 years ago

Two black-footed ferrets at the Smithsonian's National Zoo have each given birth to a kit that was sired by males who died in 1999 and 2000. These endangered ferrets—part of a multi-institutional breeding ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Cardiac ultrasound imaging goes to handheld

Non-invasive imaging has revolutionized the diagnosis of the most common cardiac diseases such as valve problems and coronary heart disease. In addition, imaging techniques are developing rapidly and we anticipate that non-invasive ...

Sep 02, 2008
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The thousand-ruby galaxy

ESO's Wide Field Imager has captured the intricate swirls of the spiral galaxy Messier 83, a smaller look-alike of our own Milky Way. Shining with the light of billions of stars and the ruby red glow of hydrogen ...

Sep 02, 2008
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Orienting Flow in Carbon Nanotubes

( -- Carbon nanotubes provide some of the most interesting possibilities for future technology. One of the more intriguing possibilities – with a variety of practical applications – is using carbon nanotubes ...

Sep 02, 2008 feature
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Wolves would rather eat salmon

Although most people imagine wolves chasing deer and other hoofed animals, new research suggests that, when they can, wolves actually prefer fishing to hunting. The study, published today in the open access journal BMC Ec ...

Sep 02, 2008
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