Archive: 2/09/2008

Survey: 'Tanorexia' common among university students

A new study conducted at a large university finds more than 25 percent of those surveyed reported symptoms of tanning dependence, including symptoms similar to alcohol and drug-addicted individuals. Suggestively, the study ...

dateSep 02, 2008 in Health
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Wi-Spy 2.4x Spectrum Analyzer

This all new version has both its hardware and software upgraded. The Wi-Spy is the world's smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer that helps troubleshoot and analyze Wi-Fi networks for interference.

dateSep 02, 2008 in Consumer & Gadgets weblog
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Using networks to map the social lives of animals

Dr Dick James from the University's Department of Physics has released a practical guide for biologists explaining how social network analysis, a method used widely in the social sciences to study interactions among people, ...

dateSep 02, 2008 in
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