Archive: 08/2/2012

Senate may go on break without passing cyber bill

The U.S. Senate could leave town this week for a monthlong break without passing legislation to protect the country's electrical grid, water supplies and other critical industries from cyberattack and electronic espionage.

dateAug 02, 2012 in Internet
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How the 'lone wolf' terrorist networks

A mounting global threat is of terrorists who act as "lone wolves". Locating and preventing such terrorist activity is more complicated than organizational terror threats. A new study conducted by Prof. Gabriel Weimann of ...

dateAug 02, 2012 in Social Sciences
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3 Questions: Anette Hosoi on engineering and the Olympics

How do engineers watch sports? Pretty much like the rest of us, but with a little more time spent scrutinizing the mechanics of athletes and the technologies they use. With the Olympics under way, Anette Hosoi, an associate ...

dateAug 02, 2012 in Other
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