Archive: 07/2/2007

Glimmer of hope for Tahitian tree snails' survival

Despite the mass extermination of Tahiti’s unique species of tree snails in recent decades, much of their original genetic diversity can still be found in remnant populations that survive on the island, researchers report ...

dateJul 02, 2007 in Environment
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Marine worm opens new window on early cell development

University of Oregon biologists studying a common ocean-dwelling worm have uncovered potentially fundamental insights into the evolutionary origin of genetic mechanisms, which when compromised in humans play ...

dateJul 02, 2007 in
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More swimmers means more pathogens in the water

The levels of potentially harmful waterborne microorganisms in rivers, lakes and other recreational waterways may be highest when the water is most crowded with swimmers. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School ...

dateJul 02, 2007 in Health
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