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Exploring Rio Tinto Eurobotically

No wonder it is called Red River: it looks like it could be on the red planet rather than in Spain. The landscape and terrain make it a perfect place for simulating a Mars sortie.

dateMay 02, 2011 in Space Exploration
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Learning: No longer a textbook case

Switching from rigid, linear textbooks to technology such as iPads alone won’t boost student performance – so a team of Wake Forest researchers has turned the classroom upside down, allowing students ...

dateMay 02, 2011 in Social Sciences
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Single atom stores quantum information

( -- A data memory can hardly be any smaller: researchers working with Gerhard Rempe at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching have stored quantum information in a single atom. ...

dateMay 02, 2011 in Quantum Physics
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Winds of fortune

Alisa Rogers finished 10th grade and was already headed to Syracuse University. But before leaving her Baltimore high school, she met her future husband and business partner.

dateMay 02, 2011 in Energy & Green Tech
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Planting trees arrests koala decline, study finds

( -- University of Sydney researchers have gained a rare insight into the habits of koalas, discovering simple tree planting may be the solution to expanding their habitat and allowing their populations ...

dateMay 02, 2011 in Ecology
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