Archive: 05/2/2007

Send in the robots -- Robot teams handle hazardous jobs

Searching buildings for weapons of mass destruction and supply routes for improvised bombs are extremely dangerous but important jobs. That's why Scott DeLoach is working to create robots and robot teams to handle these and ...

May 02, 2007
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Rapid, high-resolution 3-D images of the retina

In efforts that may improve diagnoses of many eye diseases, researchers will introduce a new type of laser for providing high-resolution 3-D images of the retina, the part of the eye that converts light to electrical signals ...

May 02, 2007
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Researchers shed light on diet of early human ancestors

Eight years ago, the field of anthropology was rocked by isotopic evidence that suggested one-third of the diet of early human ancestors consisted of grasses and sedges, or the tissue of animals that ate such ...

May 02, 2007
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Lonesome George may not be so lonesome after all

A Macquarie University scientist has helped prove that Lonesome George, named by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's rarest living creature may in fact have relatives living nearby.

May 02, 2007
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