Archive: 05/2/2006

Study: Regulate alcohol marketing

The U.S. alcohol industry snares too many underage drinkers and its marketing practices should be federally regulated, a Columbia University study concludes.

May 02, 2006
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Scientists study speed camera efficacy

Australian research reviewers say "speed cameras" and other devices can cut vehicle accident rates by allowing officials to identify and charge speeders.

May 02, 2006
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Area safety may play role in obesity

A Pennsylvania study suggests mothers of young children are more likely to be obese when they perceive their neighborhoods as unsafe.

May 02, 2006
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St. Jude bird flu vaccine test successful

U.S. scientists say a commercially developed vaccine has successfully protected mice and ferrets against a highly lethal avian influenza virus.

May 02, 2006
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Targeted virus compels cancer cells to eat themselves

An engineered virus tracks down and infects the most common and deadly form of brain cancer and then kills tumor cells by forcing them to devour themselves, researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center ...

May 02, 2006
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Producing Dark Matter

“Colliders have been the tool of choice for particle physicists to look at smaller and smaller particles. All a sudden we are realizing that we can use them not only to understand things at smaller scales, but for understanding ...

May 02, 2006 feature
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T Cell 'Brakes' Lost During Human Evolution

A significant difference between human and chimpanzee immune cells may provide clues in the search to understand the diverse array of human immune-related diseases. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) ...

May 02, 2006
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