Archive: 2/04/2009

Bird can 'read' human gaze

We all know that people sometimes change their behavior when someone is looking their way. Now, a new study reported online on April 2nd in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, shows that jackdaws—birds related to ...

dateApr 02, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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Early family ties: No sponge in the human family tree

Since the days of Charles Darwin, researchers are interested in reconstructing the "Tree of Life", and in understanding the development of animal and plant species during their evolutionary history. In the case of vertebrates, ...

dateApr 02, 2009 in Evolution
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Cancer stem cells generated by cancer outgrowth

Scientists have discovered that growing mouse skin cells in spheres can lead to generation of cells with properties of cancer stem cells, even without genetic manipulation of stem cell genes. This unexpected finding, published ...

dateApr 02, 2009 in Cancer
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