Archive: 03/2/2007

Rosetta, New Horizons team up

ESA and NASA are mounting a joint campaign to observe Jupiter over the next few weeks with two different spacecraft. Rosetta will watch the big picture from its current position near Mars, whilst New Horizons ...

dateMar 02, 2007 in Astronomy
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Little Rafts Battle Anthrax

Whether as a bioweapon or as a “mere” animal epidemic, anthrax is a serious threat. A team of Canadian and American researchers has now developed a method to increase the effectiveness of an anthrax toxin inhibitor.

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Treating male infertility with stem cells

New research has examined the usefulness of bone marrow stem cells for treating male infertility, with promising results. The related report by Lue et al, “Fate of bone marrow stem cells transplanted into the testis: potential ...

dateMar 02, 2007 in Medical research
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