Archive: 10/19/2005

China upset with Google's Taiwan map

Mainland media control over Chinese-language content took a blow Wednesday with state press claiming rage after Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet giant Google removed referrals to Taiwan as a province.

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Realtors join podcasting craze

Rock bands use them. Pornographers have made them too. Even politicians and governments are joining the craze. So while it may seem unusual at first, it's really only logical that Realtors may be the latest group joining ...

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Google drops Gmail name in U.K.

Gmail, the free e-mail service provided by search giant Google, changed its name to Google Mail for British users Wednesday after a trademark dispute.

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New Direction for Hydrogen Atom Transfers

In the annals of chemistry, there are many examples of hydrogen atoms moving from metals to carbon atoms. But no one has ever directly observed the reverse reaction — hydrogen atoms moving from carbon to a metal — until ...

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ASU professor to explore DNA based computing

Arizona State University School of Life Sciences professor Wayne Frasch was recently awarded a $1.2 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Air Force Office of Science Research to fund ...

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Hubble Prospects For Resources on The Moon

America has always been a land of pioneers, from the first settlers to those who moved west in the 1800s. As they started their new lives in new places, these men and women had to learn to live off of the ...

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